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X6 Platinum Plus Template Manager from RichoSoft is a tool that allows you to manage your templates and groups of templates in the startup wizard of WebPlus X6:

You can Add/Remove templates, automatically copying them to a folder of your choice or the WebPlus templates folder. You can also specify which group you want to put them in.

There is the facility to add new groups to the list too.

The program also features some safeguards:

Certain entries in the existing startup wizard are protected by the program so that you cannot accidentally remove them.

Duplicate names for templates and categories are protected from duplication that would cause problems and confusion.

The program backs up your current startup wizard files so that you can revert back to the original in case of emergency.

If you are using the trial Alpha version, it is highly recommended that you uninstall this first. To un-install open Control Panel, go to Add/Remove Programs, wait for the list to populate, scroll down to X6 Platinum…. And click remove.

The program comes with FREE Updates, when the program is updated or improved you will get the updates FREE. The program has the facility to check for updates and automatically install them with the click of a button.

get it here

for Windows Versions

Windows XP Home and Pro

Windows Vista* 32Bit

Windows 7* 32Bit

* Vista and 7 may require additional VB Runtime Files

Screen Shots

RichoSoft WebPlus X6 Platinum Plus Template Manager/Installer

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RichoSoft Software is adware/spyware-free. If you want to check that yourself and keep your system healthy, we recommend Advanced SystemCare package. Pro and Free versions are available.

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Requires WebPlus X6
X5 Platinum Plus Template Manager
Version Here



designed for

Works with Vista & 7 too!

PLEASE NOTE: The program will not currently work with a WebPlus installation installed in 64bit mode. It should only be used on installations in 32bit mode. A fix is currently being worked on.