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Welcome to RichoSoft Ultimate

Welcome to RichoSoft Ultimate

Here you will find scripts, php applications, tools, add-ons, services and more to make your website more productive, visible and user friendly. Some of the items are free and some carry a small charge. RichoSoft is my hobby and any income is solely to help pay for hosting costs etc.

My aim is to help you get the site you want with the minimum of fuss, quickly and efficiently.

I can also help by building specific applications, scripts or code tailored to your individual requirements, so instead of you just

Welcome ...
Is It a WebPlus Light Box?
WebPlus X5/6 Light Box Tricks

Click the image on the left. Is that really a WebPlus Light Box?

And many 1-click install Apps

accepting a product that doesn’t quite meet your exact requirements, I can build one for you that will.

If you would like to chat and discuss what you are looking for, please either email me with the details here or arrange a chat on Skype or ooVoo here.