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Programming Tools

Here are some tools to help you be more productive, speed up your programming and protect and reduce the size of your scripts.
If you have an idea for a Tool or widget that you would like to see here, please let me know and I will try to create it for you.

javascript Compressor

This is a useful tool to compress your javascript libraries making them smaller and makes pages load faster.
You can also encrypt your javascript libraries with this tool, making it difficult for prying eyes to see your code.
All the ‘rubbish’ is removed from the library so that there is no wasted space.

asp to php Convertor

This useful tool will convert ASP (Classic ASP 3.0) to PHP so that you can use ASP code snippets in your PHP applications.
Whilst it will convert most ASP code there is some that cannot be converted automatically, particularly ASP objects, but the convertor will convert what it can and give you details of what it cannot, so that you can manually convert the remaining items.

QR Code Creator

Easily create a QR Code with many options including a hyperlink or other data. Ideal for use with Mobile Phone QR Readers.

sample QR Code
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