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While Serif has now discontinued WebPlus I still have some templates and accessories for WebPlus and can still create custom templates and extras if required. Get in touch to see if I can help you with your requirements.

Finance Templates

Finance Template

This Template utilises nivo-slider, rotating testimonials, lightboxes and a mortgage calculator amongst other features. The template shown on this page, is designed for Serif WebPlus X5/6/7 specifically.

It contains 10 pages.

Inside Scoop

Inside Scoop Magazine Template

The template uses many of WebPlus X5/6/7 features, such as lightboxes, panels, rollovers and much more. It also demonstrates how you can get other tools such as mootools to happily co-reside with the scripts that WebPlus use (jquery etc) on the same page.
It also demonstrates how to insert tools from other sources, such as RSS Feeds, Currency calculators and the like. Some other undocumented things are included, such as Lightboxes inside Lightboxes.
I hope that you like the template, or can at least make use of some of the items in it. If you do use any of it why not buy me a beer? 
You can see a live published version of the template here

Survey Templates

Survey Templates

The template shown on this page, is designed for Serif WebPlus X5/6/7, and include all necessary code for PHP/MySQL (Screen shot right)
The Premium Version also includes live reports.
Demo of the survey, click here.
PHP Version requires a Linux or Windows Server with MySQL Database and PHP 5.6 or earlier (Won't work with php7).

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