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PHP and MySQL Utilities ...
PHP MySQL Utilities

Useful Scripts to Manage Your Site

Useful Scripts to Manage Your Site

In this section you will find useful PHP scripts to help you manage and maintain your web site.

New scripts are added regularly so keep checking back for updates.

Not all scripts will work on all Web Hosts as some facilities may not be enabled by your host, although most of the tools here should work with most hosts. It won’t hurt to ask them to enable them if they are not currently enabled, at worst they can say no.

Many of the scripts are supplied FREE of charge, some carry a small charge, and are worth much more than the price quoted.

All scripts FREE or Chargeable are supplied on an as-is basis, and there is no guarantee they will work on your server. Care should be taken when modifying any of the scripts as incorrect coding can cause un-desirable results, and RichoSoft will accept no responsibility for any loss of data, or other undesirable results from using these scripts.

I Strongly recommend you have adequate back-ups of your system before installing any scripts.

About these Utilities

About these Utilities

These Utilities are written in Php and can be used on almost all php enabled servers to maintain your MySQL Database and more.

I would suggest that you install them in a protected folder so that only you can access and run them.

Most hosts will let you protect folders or add an .htaccess file that you can use to protect the folder.


Here are some simple to install useful utilities to help you easily maintain your MySQL databases and more.