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Firework-Pro Page Editor ...

Firework-Pro page Editor is a versatile on-line web page creator and editor, that allows you you add and change pages in your site online without having to use any web site authoring software. You can use it to:

  • Give clients access to edit a limited number of pages on a site that you have created for them.
  • Allow users to add/edit content on your site.
  • Create mini-blogs and news pages.
  • Create message boards.
  • Allow you to modify your site content online. And more..

Each user can only modify the pages they added or have been created using their user name.

The Administrator can add/edit users.

Users can add images, links, You-Tube videos and other elements, and can change colours, fonts and styles etc. just as you can with any normal web site authoring software. There is a WYSIWYG interface and page preview too, you can even add HTML.

The system comes with modules to add Page Content, Blogs, News and Messages to your site, and everything can be fully customised as required in WebPlus X6 before publishing the system.

 View Demo here 

User Name: demonstration2

Password: richosoftuser

You can view how the pages can be viewed on your site by Clicking the Demo Page Menu item in the editor.

There are currently three versions of Firework-Pro Page Editor.

The Basic Version, fully featured for Pages, Blogs, Messages and News, but with no facility for users to add comments.

The Comments Version (3C2), that has all the basic features with the addition of allowing users to add content.

And now The Comments Version with Auto RSS Feed Too!

For details on how to get any of the versions click the button below:

  Get It Here  

Get Firework-Pro Page Editor here

Get Firework-Pro Page Editor here

Three Versions

Three Versions

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