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PHP and MySQL Utilities ...
PHP MySQL Utilities

PHP page to Optimise a Database

PHP page to Optimise a Database

This page will read all the tables in the selected database and then optimise each of them, removing overheads and ensuring the table is in good condition.

It will produce a report showing the Size before and after optimisation and the space released, with summary totals at the foot.

View a sample of a page after it has run here

It is very easy to set up with just a few modifications.

In the WPP provided you will simply need to edit the php code at the top of the page HTML to your database details:


$con = mysql_connect("localhost","database_user","database_password");//Change to your database username and password

if (!$con)


  die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());


$db = "database_name"; //Change to your Database name to Use


Just change the items in yellow to the ones applicable to your database.

Publish the WPP to your (protected recommended) folder.

To run the Optimisation just browse to the page (default page name is optimizetables.php)

About these Utilities

About these Utilities

These Utilities are written in Php and can be used on almost all php enabled servers to maintain your MySQL Database and more.

I would suggest that you install them in a protected folder so that only you can access and run them.

Most hosts will let you protect folders or add an .htaccess file that you can use to protect the folder.

Download WPP FOR X5/X6 311Kb Zip

Here are some simple to install useful utilities to help you easily maintain your MySQL databases and more.

To get the FREE wpp click the button below (X5 and X6 versions included in the zip file):