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Contact Form Processed in an iframe

Contact Form Processed in an iframe

About this Form

About this Form

This form uses php form mail to send the message. Most php hosts support form mail in it’s simplest form as standard, some you have to ask for it to be enabled. In almost all cases either the from or to email address must be a registered email address on your domain, this is to help prevent spammers.

The form validation is done through custom javascript and error messages displayed using RichoSoft Glow.

The Code is generated randomly via javascript and checked with the users entry, a basic anti-spammer facility.

The form is then sent using php form mail.

Also added is some PHP code to both the form page and the thankyou page that immediately expires the pages so that if the user clicks the back or forward buttons or clicks refresh, the email is not sent again.

You can get everything you need to install this form  in WebPlus X6  FREE by clicking the download button on the Thank You Page after submitting the form on the left.

Using Basic php FormMail

These forms use PHP Form Mail or PHP Mail Factory to submit form data. No reliance on Serif Web Resources or other third party processors.