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Web Site Services

Choose the service level you require, click a currency flag for that level and then click Subscribe.


* Bronze FREE is on a ‘when available’ basis.

£9/$14 per month
£19/$29 per month
£29/$49 per month
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For some services we will require access to certain areas of your system. Where possible we will send you files to add to your site to enable us to perform the required tasks, some others we will send details of what to add to your site pages, but for some we may require access to some areas of your system.

Your subscription will be processed by PayPal subscriptions and your payments will be automatically collected by PayPal for us until cancelled by you. You may cancel your subscription at any time, either via your PayPal account or by contacting us. PayPal is totally secure and we do not receive any of your card or bank account details from PayPal.

Please note Maintaining Product Prices/Availability is not included but available on negotiation. Maintaining Website includes content changes of up to 30 minutes, 1 hour  and 2 hours work per month on Silver, Gold and Ultimate plans respectively. Each plan is for 1 website.