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PHP Mail Contact Forms

Forms Using php FormMail

Forms Using php FormMail

The forms here use php FormMail, a standard feature on most hosts that support php. The benefits of using FormMail for your contact forms are:

  • Not reliant upon third party servers to process and send the mail.
  • Everything is processed on your own host server.
  • Less restrictions on how you can customise your forms.

However you may find some hosts place some restrictions on FormMail:

  • Some hosts restrict the number of emails you can send. (Yahoo restricts to 250 emails per 24hrs, some others have lower levels that gradually increase over time when they are satisfied you are not spamming)
  • Some hosts restrict emails to text only and do not allow HTML in emails.
  • Most hosts insist that either the From email address or the To email address are active email addresses in the MX records of your domain.
  • Some hosts do not enable FormMail by default and require you to ask for it to be enabled.

About these Forms

About these Forms

The contact forms I have put together here, I have tried to keep:

  • As simple as possible to install. To incorporate features to reduce spam emails,
  • To enhance the forms with attractive feedback messages.


  • To make them as simple as possible for your users to submit their comments and/or feedback.

All the forms are available as a download with all the required support files.

To select a Form choose from the sub-menu under Forms in the Main Menu or click the button below to view the first form.

Forms have been updated so that reply address is now the form submitter and are currently X6 format only.

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These forms use PHP Form Mail or PHP Mail Factory to submit form data. No reliance on Serif Web Resources or other third party processors.