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Ultimate Events Panel ...
PHP MySQL Utilities

Ultimate Events Panel

Ultimate Events Panel

Ultimate Extras Events Panel displays your upcoming events in style on your web site, It works with ALL versions of WebPlus and ALL other Web Authoring Software too!:

  • Events Panel- Stylishly display your club, organistaion upcoming events, with optional image and hyperlink. Events are automatically dropped when the date is passed, are automatically sorted in date order and the display automatically configured for an effective display.
  • Comes with On-Line Control Panel to manage and add your events easily with images and links.
  • Images can be enlarged by clicking them and they re-set to original size after a few seconds.
  • Requires a server that supports php and MySql.
  • Uses javascript and jquery/ jquery-UI libraries, RichoSoft Glow javascript libraries, php and MySQL

About these Extras

About these Extras

These Utilities are written in Javascript, ASP or Php and can be used on host servers that support them.

Each ‘Extra’ has details of which languages they use.


Here are some simple to install useful utilities to help you easily maintain your MySQL databases and more here

Ultimate Events System
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