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PHP and MySQL Utilities ...
PHP MySQL Utilities

Backup MYSQL Database On Demand

Backup MySQL Database On Demand

This script will backup the specified database on Demand and email you a copy of the backup file to the email address specified.

The files should be installed in a protected folder that only you have access to. Most hosts will allow you to protect folders (see right).

The system consists of a php page to action the backup, and some support files.

The only file that needs to be modified is php page in the wpp.

The additional files required are already embedded in the WPP,

They are Mail.php (In the root folder)

A folder called Mail containing 4 files, mail.php, mime.php, mimePart.php and RFC822.php. (Note the capital letters in some file names and folder, these must not be converted to lower case).

Publish the WPP to your protected folder.

If you wish to add pages to additional databases, simple clone the backupdb.php page in the wpp give it a new name and php extension and modify the code to reflect the new database, publish all pages to your protected folder.

To process the backup simply browse to the page required.

What you need to edit on the page:

View the HTML of the page in the WPP and scroll down to the php code,

Click here to see what to edit

About these Utilities

About these Utilities

These Utilities are written in Php and can be used on almost all php enabled servers to maintain your MySQL Database and more.

I would suggest that you install them in a protected folder so that only you can access and run them.

Most hosts will let you protect folders or add an .htaccess file that you can use to protect the folder.


Here are some simple to install useful utilities to help you easily maintain your MySQL databases and more.

Download WPP FOR X5/X6 359 Kb Zip

To get the FREE wpp click the button below (X5 and X6 versions included in the zip file):