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PHP MySQL Utilities

Backup MySQL Database as Cron Job

Backup MySQL Database as Cron Job

This script will backup the specified database as a Cron Job and email you a copy of the backup file to the email address specified.

Most Hosts allow the use of Cron Jobs via cPanel, this tutorial will assume you use cpanel (If not you will have to refer to your host’s method of running Cron Jobs).

There is no WebPlus WPP for this option, all files are php files.

There is no need to install this version in a protected folder, as the pack contains a .htaccess file that prevents all access from the web and only allows access by the system and via FTP.

Unpack the zip folder, you only need to modify one file, this is the backup.php file. Open it in a text editor such as Notepad++ or Windows Notepad and edit it to match your system specs then save it. There is no visual output from this script as it is designed to run on the server automatically without anyone viewing it.

Click here to see what to edit

Create a folder on your server (under public_html or your www root if not called public_html), I suggest you call it backup (or similar).

Upload the backup.php you just edited to this folder together with the .htaccess, and Mail.php files in the backup folder of the zip package. Create a sub-folder called Mail and upload the files in the Mail folder of the zip package to this folder. (Note the capital letters in these file and folder names, they must not be changed to lower case.)

You then need to set up the Cron Job on your Host

Click here for details.

About these Utilities

About these Utilities

These Utilities are written in Php and can be used on almost all php enabled servers to maintain your MySQL Database and more.

I would suggest that you install them in a protected folder so that only you can access and run them.

Most hosts will let you protect folders or add an .htaccess file that you can use to protect the folder.


Here are some simple to install useful utilities to help you easily maintain your MySQL databases and more.

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