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Easy Usage



  • Built in a single WebPlus WPP for X5 or X6
  • Fully customisable in WebPlus
  • Open Sources Code
  • View testimonials all performed in javascript in client browser so no overheads on your server
  • Add Testimonial executed in php and data stored in MySQL.
  • Easy Set Up with easy prompts
  • Manage Posted Testimonials in On-Line Control Panel
  • Easily disable posts
  • Pre-approve or require manual approval of posts
  • HTML in posts prohibited
  • Email requested but not displayed
  • Easy scheme colour change, even colours in code, using colour scheme manager in WebPlus
  • FREE Support
  • FREE Updates

To add the testimonials to your site page(s) is very easy.

Simply add an iframe by copying the sample from the system WPP and paste it where you want it on your page and set the iframe URL as instructed. That’s it done! You can add the iframe to as many pages as you want, even on sites on different servers.

You can change the interval between testimonials easily from the Control Panel, set posts to be pre-approved or require manual approval. You can also choose whether or not to receive an email when a new testimonial is posted. All of these functions are managed via the dedicated control panel.

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