Special Hosting Offer to WebPlus Hosting Users
Posted By : richosr On 2016-08-01 09:59:28

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Special Offer for Serif WebPlus Hosting Users

The chances are that Serif will be discontinuing their WebPlus Hosting services at the end of this year, which means that anyone using WebPlus Hosting will need to find alternative hosting arrangements. To this end I am offering a special hosting offer to WebPlus Hosting users.

More details here:



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  Windows 10 1st Anniversary
Posted By : richosr On 2016-07-30 06:37:56

It's the 1st anniversary of Windows 10

How are you getting on with windows 10?

Here are a few of my observations:

  • Too many ads, you can't even play solitaire now without getting bombarded with Microsoft Ads. When you are paying for a system such as Windows 10 you should NOT be bombarded with ads IMO.
  • Too memory hungry, constant hangs whilst windows swaps to disk swap file as memory is always full.
  • Start up time is longer than XP and 7.
  • Many more 'program is not responding' messages and then after several minutes the message dissappears and the program continues, probably linked to my second point.
  • AVG and Windows 10 between them lock up the PC whilst any updates or scans are running. Doesn't happen on 7 or XP.
  • I have had to disable active tiles to help speed up Win 10, and disable various other items or Windows 10 runs very slow even on my Quad Core Processor running at 3.0GHz on each core.
  • I still feel that Windows 7 is the best version of windows to date.

Please comment to add your findings.



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