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Create 4 Page Types:

The Ultimate Membership System gives you the flexibility you need to create a system that matches the requirements of your site, with up to four types of page access all in one system you can control what your members see.

Normal Pages

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that the first type of page you can create in the template is a normal web page. These pages can be viewed by anyone, members and non-members alike.

Members Only Pages

The basic members only pages can be viewed by ALL Members but not by non-members, and would normally contain general topics etc and Membership pages to access the various other facilities and their account info, although the information on these pages can be restricted to individual members, such as account information, change password etc.

Group Only Pages

These groups of pages can be assigned to specific members, which only the members they are assigned to can view the content of. The group pages can contain any number of pages and the groups of pages are defined in the admin area. Individual pages can be in more than one group of pages if required.

Purchase Only Pages

These pages are again in groups and a group can contain just one page with say, a download on it, or a number of pages for something like a tutorial, short story or the like, The pages in each group are allocated a price and are managed in the Admin Area. Members are given a list of ‘purchasable’ pages that they can buy in the Members area. When they select an item to purchase it is added to their bag, they pay via PayPal and it is added to their account automatically. (Purchasable pages can also be added manually by the system admin if needed.)

The purchasable pages could contain things like:

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