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Here is a simple guide to adding Google Translate to your web pages

Adding a Google Translate button to your pages allows you to offer your pages in many languages without creating any additional specific language pages.

The Google translator translates your live pages almost instantly giving users an alternative page without any separate URL’s.

Whilst the translation is not always 100% accurate, it is very good and is an easy and effective way to offer your pages in multiple languages.

Add Google Translate Button to Web Pages

How to Install:

First of all go to  and log in with your Google Account.

You will be taken to the Website Translator - Add Website.

Enter the URL of your website where shown and select your websites original language.

Click next and select the languages you want to translate to, or select All Languages.

You can then select the type of button you require or select the automatic. One option is automatic (The translation banner will automatically be displayed when the default browser language of the visitor is different from the language of your page. No dropdown will be displayed, personally I do not recommend this as it gives the user no choice).

Select the relevant further options.

Finally click Get Code and you will be presented with two boxes of code, one for the <head> section of your page and the other to place where you want the button.

The code you will be given will look something like:

For the Head Section

For the Button

One problem with the code supplied by Google is that once added to your page you cannot preview the Translate button locally. This can be fixed by adding http: before the //translate,google…. In the code for the button.  However in preview locally you cannot get a translated page you must publish your pages to your website first to see a translated page.

Installing in WebPlus:

First:  Copy the code in the first box you got from Google then add an small HTML fragment to the page you want the translate button. If you want it on all pages then add the fragment on the MasterPage. Paste the code to the Head.

Second: Copy the code in the second box you got from Google then add an HTML fragment the size of the button you choose to your page (or Masterpage) where you want the button and click Paste to Body.

Publish your site and you are good to go!

Types of button available: